Mr D J Evans

Mr D J Evans


Mr D J Evans



 +27 (0)31 260




Midlands Hospital Complex (Fort Napier & Town Hill Hospitals), Pietermaritzburg 

Research Interests

Perceptions of father figures among children attending Clinical psychology services.

Psychologist’s use of online technologies in their practice

Other professional activities:

Created and maintain PsychNews which is a website aimed at helping psychologists keep track of recent psychology news and research. The address is Chairperson of the Pietermaritzburg Psychologist’s Forum 2008-2011

Contributing editor of New Therapist magazine

Conduct a monthly clinics at Manguzi hospital with Red Cross Air Mercy Services


Clinical Psychologist and Honorary Lecturer

Bio sketch

Lecturing and training:

Lecturing psychotherapy on the Psychiatry MMed course

Supervision and training of intern clinical psychologists


Paper presentations:


Evans, D.J. & Pillay, A.L. (2007, August). Why men consult district level clinical psychology services. Paper presented at the South African Psychology Congress, Durban.

Evans, D.J (2008, October). Therapeutic challenges of masculinity. Paper presented at the World Mental Health day Symposium, Townhill Hospital, Pietermaritzburg.

Evans, D.J. (2010, August). Psychologists’ use of online technologies in their practice. Paper presented at the South African Psychology Congress, Durban.



 List of Publications  

Evans, D.J. & Pillay, A.L. (2009). Mental health problems in men attending district-level clinical psychology services in South Africa.Psychological Reports, 104, 1-11.

Evans, D.J. (2009). Men and therapy: The psychological challenges of masculinity. New Therapist, 59, 10-15

Evans, D.J. (2010, May). [Review of the book, Becoming a person through psychoanalysis, by N. Symington.] New Therapist, 67, 27-28.

Evans, D.J. (2010, May). [Review of the DVD, Irvin Yalom – Live Case Consultation, 2006.] New Therapist, 67, 26-27.

Evans, D.J. (2010). The challenge of treating conduct disorder in low-resourced settings: rap music to the rescue.Journal of Child and Adolescent Mental Health. 22(2): 145-152