Project Care

Project CARE is a research study which will be undertaken by the Department of Behavioural Medicine at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.

Project CARE is a research study with maternal caregivers and youth designed to learn more about what things help young people cope best with problems and stress, including the stress of experiencing, witnessing, and hearing about community violence; the stress of living in disadvantaged communities; family problems such as illness; and everyday problems that young people face.   We are very interested in why some youth become depressed or aggressive, or turn to alcohol and drugs to cope with stress, or engage in other risky behaviors, while other youth do not.  We are trying to understand if there are ways that youth react to stress and cope with stress that make it easier or harder to engage in healthy versus risky behavior.  We are quite interested in how caregivers and families contribute to youth’s coping with and adjustment to stress. We are interested in the reasons youth thrive and succeed in spite of risk.