Internship Opportunities

Internship Opportunities

The Department of Behavioural Medicine offers a one–year, supervised, broad spectru, Clinical Psychology Internship Programme with placements at the Durban Hospital Complex. The programme is accredited by the Professional Board for Psychology of the Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA). The training covers all aspects of clinical psychology training including community and forensic experience as prescribed by the HPCSA.

The primary goal of the training programme is to provide a year of intensive exposure to a wide variety of clinical and human service experiences. The training is designed to maximise personal and professional growth. Although exposure to and the philosophy about clinical human services is designated top priority, consultation, assessment, treatment and supervision experiences receive equal emphasis during the internship. Training sites are varied and include working in general and psychiatric hospitals. Significant input is made in respect of clinical health psychology, medical psychology and behavioural medicine. The Department also offers various continuing education training events during the year.

Durban Clinical Psychology Internship Applications, Selections and Placements

Internship Placements:

The internship placements are at various hospitals in the Durban area and may include:

  • Addington Hospital, located near the city and along the beachfront;
  • King Dinizulu Hospital Complex, west of the city in the Sydenham/Clare Estate area;
  • King Edward Hospital VIII, south of the city in the Umbilo area; and
  • R.K. Khan Hospital, south west of the city in the Chatsworth area.


The internship Coordinator is Mr Karl Swain. Ms Pinkie Khuzwayo is the Department’s administrative staff to whom all communications should be directed.

Only applicants who are currently completing an HPCSA accredited professional Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, or have completed an HPCSA accredited professional Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, and are seeking an internship are eligible to apply for this internship programme.

Applications for a Clinical Psychology Internship at the Durban Hospital Complex are to be done centrally through the Department of Behavioural Medicine.  All applications are to be made on the prescribed forms, which are available from Ms Pinkie Khuzwayo. She may be contacted telephonically on 0312604325 or via email:

Applications open on 24 July 2017 and the closing date for applications is 25 August 2017. Applicants will be informed whether they were successful approximately 1 month after the closing date. 


All sections of the prescribed application form must be completed and sent together with supporting documents and details of professional referees. Final selections include the results of the final examinations, which must be forwarded to the Department of Behavioural Medicine once available. Shortlisted applicants may be requested to attend an interview, details of which will be made available to the shortlisted candidates.

Note: the above forms are applicable to applicants applying for an intern placement at the Durban Hospital Complex only. Contact Professor Anthony Pillay for Pietermaritzburg internship programme – see programme summary and details below.


Pietermaritzburg (Midlands Complex) Clinical Psychology Internship Applications, Selections and Placements

Placements occur at:

  • Town Hill Hospital;
  • Fort Napier Hospital
  • Community Clinics

Applications for clinical internship post in Pietermaritzburg are also done centrally through the office of Professor Anthony, Principal Clinical Psychologist, in the Department of Behavioural Medicine, who is based at Fort Napier Hospital. His office contact details are:

Tel: 033 3454221

Fax: 033 3455730